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Dealers in Fine Oceanic and American Indian Tribal Art and Photography

Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, open by appointment.

Member of Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association


Michael Evans Tribal Art Galleries


Selected items from my inventory as well as my recent acquisitions. Including Papua New Guinea masks, Solomon Islands jewelry and baravas. A New Zealand Maori hand club and stone flax beater, and Melanesian adornments and currency.

Michael Evans Tribal Art Exhibitions


We currently take part in the first edition of the Burgundy Tribal Show in Besanceuil at the end of May. Parcours des Mondes, Paris, in September. As well as the Tribal Art Fair – Amsterdam in late October.


Michael Evans also specializes in rare 19th Century photography from the South Pacific, including albumen and carte-de-visit photography of native peoples and artifacts. Especially Maori, Fijian, Tahitian and Australian Aborigine portraiture.

About Michael Evans Tribal Art Galleries


A native of New Zealand, Michael Evans brings his fine art dealing experience to the world of tribal art. His particular passion is art and photography from the South Pacific peoples.

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We have recently moved back to the United States, settling in Amherst, Massachusetts, please do not hesitate to contact us for a rendezvous.